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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Risk-taking Opportunities

The Bursa Megasale is still ongoing and I have decided to participate in it, mainly because I see some short term opportunities as some stocks are trading below their 52 weeks high. During this week, I have added additional 20000units of Opensys @ RM0.33 [patience - the review is still underway =) ], 3000 units of AirAsia @ RM0.96 and 20000 units of Hovid @ RM0.43.

 Bear in mind that these buys are classified as tactical asset allocation, which means that this is a short term strategy. Huat Fund looks like this after these transactions:


  1. can add more for hovid. wait for dividend. XD

    1. U seemed to be having lots of Hovid =)

    2. long term investor in Hovid. but now market is bearish. not sure wanna hold or let go first though.

  2. hmm.. time to sell.. Djia formed dead candle.. doesnt look good..