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Friday, February 6, 2015

Wa si CFA Candidate

Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) is a program that I found out a few years ago and I have always wanted to study it. Finally I got the chance to enroll in a part time workshop locally after returning to Malaysia and I am proud to say that I am a candidate for the level 1 exam in June this year.

CFA emphasizes a lot on the ethical investing. For example, the interest of clients always come first and we should take the last bite of any cherries. As a matter of fact, as a candidate or Charterholder of CFA, I am not allowed to give guaranteed returns for that is not realistic in the real world and thus considered not ethical.

Therefore, the objective of Huat Fund will have to be altered. Previously, I guarantee a 10% annual return on Huat Fund. Now, I will try my best to achieve a 10% annual return on Huat Fund.

Meanwhile, a little update on Huat Fund. Paper gain increases as the market improved over the last few weeks. Bulk of the gains come from Inari. SK Petro is almost near my 30% target and Hovid is finally showing some sign of life after hibernating for the past half a year. I suspect the renewed interest in Hovid is due to the fall in ringgit as most of it's export products are priced in USD. Heck, even Pestech and QL have broken even. Jaya Tiasa remains the problem child. Huat Fund looks like this today:


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    1. Hi Aaina, thanks for your offer. I am currently happy with my current field=).