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Friday, October 23, 2015

Second Annual Review FY2015

Today Huat Fund turns two. Fortunately, Huat Fund has been able to achieve the minimum return rate of 10% for the second consecutive year.

At the end of the first year FY2014, Huat Fund's fund size was RM84k due to a market correction at that time. Lesson learnt from that episode is to keep calm during the correction and do not follow the selling crowd. During FY2015, Huat Fund duly recovered and the current fund size is RM119k.

For FY2015, Huat Fund has return of RM35k, equivalent to a 41.6% return rate. The current paper gain is RM12k. This time round, the all the stocks in the portfolio are in the green with Inari being the main contributor.

 FY2015 proved to be an active year for me as there are opportunities abound in volatile times like this. Being active is not necessarily good as I would have pocketed another RM10k if I had not sold the stocks in March this year. The total realized stock profit and stock dividend are RM14k and RM2.3k respectively. Below is a summary of the realized stock profits for this year. Note that Westport has been sold (I did not write an update on that).

For the year ahead, I would expect USD-MYR exchange rate to recover to sub-RM4.00 because ringgit is undervalued at the current rate.

Globally, China is clearly slowing down and the world is still looking for the next source of growth. We can expect a stagnant market in the next 12 months.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, more banks(CIMB, RHB and Affin) are doing VSS at the moment in an effort to reduce their cost. Companies in other fields are doing the same as well. The outlook for local market is gloomy as people will spend less and feel that their ringgit is "smaller". The property sector will remain subdued. We can expect more rebates =). For the next Financial Year, I will focus on stocks that can withstand cost cutting measures and also recession. In fact, I have already have one such stock in Huat Fund right now. Make a guess!

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