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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ongoing Bursa MegaSale

Sorry guys, I am still unable to provide an update on Opensys. At the moment, I have a very special project XC. 

However, due to the ongoing MegaSale on Bursa, I have added 20000 units of Opensys. In the meantime, I am collecting some investing ideas as in stocks to research so that the cash in Huat Fund can be put to work soon.

In addition, I have also added 2000 units of Westport into Huat Fund. This is purely for short term purpose since I noticed that this stock had fluctuate between RM3.90 and RM4.60 for the past few months. 

Huat Fund looks like this now:


  1. haha collect more on megasales! collect back hovid! hehe..

    1. Yes, hovid is an attractive target at current price