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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Huat Fund grows - capital injection

After investing in QL last week, the cash holding in this fund was quite low and stood at about RM 5k . At the moment I do not intend to sell any stocks in the portfolio since these stocks still have quite some upsides in them. Some comments on these stocks:

Inari - this company is still growing very fast organically. The recently in Oct 2013 completed factory #5 in Penang is now almost fully utilized at 85%. The rights issue announced will be used to fund another expansion and the rights issue is at reasonable price. Will buy more to average up.

Sunreit - this company is quite undervalued due to the impending launch of renovated Putra Place. Earnings and dividend will improve once it is operational.

Cypark - the renewable energy quota for this year will be released soon. Will be interesting to see how many Megawatts this company wins.

Westport - One of the long term buys. Proxy to the economic growth of Klang Valley industries.

Jaya Tiasa - One of the long term buys. Proxy to the palm oil consumption worldwide.

Hovid - One of the long term buys. Proxy to increasing healthcare cost in Malaysia and its' export markets.

QL - New addition.

Since the cash holding in this fund is low, I decided to solicit some extra capitals and expand the fund size in order to grow it further. Starting 15th of July 2014, Sister Ying will inject RM 20k into Huat Fund with the same return rate i.e. guaranteed 10% annual return with capital protection. After this capital injection, the cash holding increases to RM 25k. This could come handy in the next few months if and when the market corrects.  

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