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Sunday, June 7, 2015

I am back

Phew. The exam is finally over. The normal life resumes! Hopefully I can recoup some of the investment in the CFA course soon =).

The downtrend that I anticipated has finally began. Well, I must admit I sold my stocks abit too early. I could have easily pocket 5k more if I am still holding them. As of last Friday, the Bursa FBM KLCI30 has reached 1745. The local market is currently besieged by the IMDB scandal and the political uncertainty. Luckily, our GLCs have received their directives to invest locally. Otherwise, we would have experienced some serious plunge.

With that in mind, I will start look for some gems to insert into Huat Fund. Feel free to give any suggestions=). Huat Fund looks like this as of today:

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